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Make more sales with a faster website.

We’re an unobtrusive plug-in that supercharges your site speed, helping you win more leads and sales on your existing website.

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Padeo is lightning in a bottle.

Padeo provides all the tools your website needs to keep your customers from walking out the door.


Image Preloading

Use high resolution images on your website with zero lag time.


Font Preloading

Padeo automatically preloads Google and Adobe hosted fonts.

CSS Preloading

Preloading stylesheets helps your website render faster.

Script Preloading

Padeo preloads your common scripts for a lightning page load.

DNS Prefetching

Prefetching DNS records helps CDN content load faster.

An extra second of load time costs you everything.

After just two seconds of load time on your website, 90% of your visitors turn and walk out the door.

Imagine trying to run a restaurant where 90% of your customers leave before ever sitting down.

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Install Padeo in one-click with no coding required.

You don’t need any sort of coding knowledge to love Padeo. You install it the same way you’d install any marketing pixel or one-click plug-in.

Padeo works with your existing website:
Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, BigCommerce, and Everything Else


How Padeo works
(in 4 speedy steps)

You install Padeo in one-click and a single line of JavaScript is added to each page on your website.
It analyzes your website traffic to recognize patterns, pin-pointing high-trafficked pages.
Padeo increases site-speed by preloading the files, images and resources on these high-trafficked pages for each user.
Through our predictive model, Padeo makes your site faster with each passing day it’s installed on your site.
Camden Conekin
Designer, Padeo.

Because not everyone has the luxury of high-speed internet.

What’s up. I’m Camden.

I created Padeo for two reasons:

  1. Slow site speed bothers me.
  2. Many parts of the world don’t have the luxury of “high-speed”.

So, I built Padeo to help rapidly speed up my own website projects, as well as the thousands of indie-creators that don’t necessarily have the budget to pay a developer $200/hour to “speed things up” for them.

But, more than this, I created Padeo because I believe the internet has the power to not only change the world but the lives of the people living in it.

The truth is that those with slower internet speeds in rural parts of the planet have to experience the internet with one hand tied behind their back.

That’s simply not fair.

By using Padeo, you’re not just speeding up your site for folks here in Western civilization (who, let’s face it, already have a great internet connection). But, you’re also providing a better, faster internet experience for those in underdeveloped parts of the world, too.

That, to me, is a movement worth rallying around.

Are you in?

Works with your existing website

No coding

Free to start

We offer flexible pricing based on your traffic.

We’ve designed Padeo’s pricing to be simple and scalable. Here’s how our pricing works...

$ 49 /mo

Up to 10k Visits

Up to 10k Monthly Visits

Shopping Assistant

Multiple Domains

Priority Support

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$ 99 /mo

Up to 50k Visits

Up to 50k Monthly Visits

Shopping Assistant

Multiple Domains

Priority Support

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$ 199 /mo

Up to 100k Visits

Up to 100k Monthly Visits

Shopping Assistant

Multiple Domains

Priority Support

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You probably have some questions.

If these don't answer your question, feel free to reach out.

Which plan is right for me?

Padeo's pricing is based on your website traffic. If you have under 10k monthly visitors, select the Basic plan. If you get between 10k-50k monthly visitors, the Standard plan is the best choice for you. If you get between 50k-100k monthly visitors, then the Premium plan will support all your traffic. If you get more than 100k monthly visitors, please contact us.

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Padeo takes less than 4 minutes to install. You can use Google Tag Manager or our WordPress plugin to make installation even faster. All you have to do is copy a snippet of JavaScript over to your website the same way you would Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel. You won't need access to your servers and no software is ever installed on your website.

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Padeo is a service that runs on your website. When people visit your website, we predict which page they are going to go to next. We use this prediction to start downloading images and other files in the background so that their website experience is faster. This means more sales and conversions on your website.

Padeo doesn't place cookies on your user's devices and no personal information is ever collected. Padeo offers fully GDPR compliant services.

The math is simple:
Faster site speed = More sales.

Start making more sales and more conversions on your existing website with Padeo. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

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