Help your clients increase their sales with predictive preloading

Padeo uses a predictive model to make your client websites faster, meaning more sales and more conversions for your clients.

👩‍💻 No Coding Required

🍪 No Cookies or Consent Banners

🤙 Works with Every Website

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Easy to Setup

Padeo can be installed the same way Google Analytics is. Plus, you can use the same snippet for all clients.

No Coding Required

Padeo doesn't require any coding knowledge or development expertise.

Works with Every Website

All Padeo features work with every website, including WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.

How Padeo works
(in 4 speedy steps)

You install Padeo in one-click and a single line of JavaScript is added to each page on your client's website. You can use Google Tag Manager of our WordPress plugin for easy installation.
Padeo analyzes your client website traffic to recognize patterns, pin-pointing high-trafficked pages.
Padeo increases site-speed by preloading the files, images and resources on these high-trafficked pages for each user.
Through our predictive model, Padeo makes the website faster, meaning more sales and more conversions for your client.

What is predictive preloading?

Padeo's predictive preloading loads the next page's resources (like images and scripts) before they're needed.

Without preloading - Everything page A needs is downloaded when a person clicks to page A. Then, everything page B needs is downloaded when they click to page B.

With preloading - Padeo predicts the next page (page B), and loads everything page B needs while a person is still viewing page A. When they click to page B, the time spent waiting is cut significantly.

Preloading diagram

Longer load times mean visitors spend less time browsing and are less likely to make a purchase.

Webpage load times have a significant impact on user retention, conversion rates, and sales. A Google experiment showed a difference of one second to five seconds in loading made visitors 90% more likely to abandon a site completely. Just a 0.1 second boost in page load times can boost conversion rates by 8%. To learn more about the impact of webpage load times on revenue, we recommend reviewing the Milliseconds Makes Millions report by Deloitte Digital.

Padeo offers an easy, code-free way to make every website faster while protecting user privacy.

Most businesses don't have the technical experience or development bandwidth to explore how preloading and predictive models can boost their client conversion rates. With Padeo, your agency can start using our predictive preloading service on your client websites with one click.

Requires zero technical knowledge

Installs in one-click

Works with every website


When potential customers are shopping on a page, Padeo is preloading the images and resources for the next page or product Padeo predicts they'll go to next.


When the visitor arrives at the page, it will load instantly for a better shopping experience. Padeo uses a predictive model to boost conversion rates for online businesses.

See how all your clients are performing on a single dashboard

Integrating Padeo with dozens or hundreds of client websites is an easy process. With our simple and understandable dashboard, your agency can see how Padeo is performing on all of your client websites, all from one place.

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Seamless integration

Use Padeo in Under 5 Minutes

Just copy and paste a single tag to your client websites and Padeo starts working automatically. We even offer a plugin for WordPress.

Create your account

Your Padeo account gives you access to all the features Padeo has to offer for your agency and your clients.

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Add the Pixel Tag

We support every website platform. Just copy and paste the pixel tag to your websites or use a tag manager like GTM.

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Get Insights

Our clear analytics provide your team with insights about how potential customers are experiencing your client websites.

See Comparison

Agencies using Padeo are reducing their client page load times by an average of 0.6 seconds.

Ask yourself: how much more money could you make for your clients if their websites loaded 0.6 seconds faster? Schedule a demo to find out

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