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Padeo offers easy, GDPR compliant website analytics for everyone. Ditch Google Analytics for a privacy-first alternative. Get started for free

🍪 No Cookies

🚩 No Ugly Consent Banners

🤙 Included with Every Padeo Plan

Easy to Setup

Padeo can be installed the same way Google Analytics is. Just a single line of code opens up a world of information.

No Coding Required

Padeo doesn't require any coding knowledge or development expertise.

Works with Every Website

All Padeo products work with every website, including WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.

Your users are people,
not products

Big tech companies are using your user data to sell ads to your competitors. That's not fair to you, or your customers.


We only record data that's necessary and nothing more

It seems like it’s become trendy to violate people’s privacy and abuse how personal data should be treated. At Padeo, we only record the data that we need to provide basic, anonymized analytics.


We collect zero Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

No two data points that we collect can be used to identify an individual, meaning no personal data is ever collected. This ensures the highest level of privacy for your users.


We never sell your data to third parties

Advertising is important for the success for any business. However, your users’ personal data doesn’t have to be used to sell ads. Padeo’s fully GDPR compliant analytics platform gives you control over your own data. We never sell your website data to third parties.

Simple and clear analytics

Sometimes analytics platforms can be confusing and difficult to use. We try to make Padeo accessible for everyone, regardless of your experience with marketing analytics or web development. Padeo is simple, easy, and free to get started.

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Seamless integration

Use Padeo in Under 5 Minutes

Just copy and paste a single tag to your website and Padeo starts working automatically. We even offer a plugin for WordPress.

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Creating your Padeo account is easy. Your Padeo account gives you access to everything Padeo has to offer.

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Add the Pixel Tag

We support every website platform. Just copy and paste the pixel tag to your website or use a tag manager like GTM.

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Get Insights

Our clear analytics provide your team with insights about how your users are experiencing your website.

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GDPR Compliant Analytics
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Privacy-first analytics are included with every Padeo plan.
Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

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