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More eCommerce stores are using Padeo's predictive preloading service to increase their sales with a faster website.

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Preload Image-Heavy Product Pages with Padeo

When you’re making a living by selling online, every millisecond of your customer’s time and attention is valuable. As you’ve probably already noticed, your customers just don’t like waiting for things to load. Research indicates that a loading delay of just two seconds drops sales rates by up to 90%. Padeo can change that.

A faster website means more sales for your online store

Only 10% of customers stay after a 2 second delay in webpage load time.

A faster website means a better shopping experience.

Padeo intelligently predicts the next page that your customer is likely to visit, then preloads your products’ high resolution images (and other resources) on that predicted page, so the next page loads in a near-instant. Swedish tech company, Ericsson, showed that waiting for slow web pages to load on mobile is as stressful as watching a horror movie. A stellar browsing experience and instant page loads can be the deciding factor between your visitors making a purchase, or leaving your site.

Communicate Trust

Mitigate Lag Time

Convert More Customers

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Improve Mobile Browsing

Someone on their phone quickly browsing and scrolling through your shop should have just as great of an experience as a visitor on a computer with high-speed internet. Padeo makes your online business more accessible, especially to your visitors with slow or spotty internet connections.

80% of shoppers use a mobile phone inside of a store to read reviews or compare prices

Almost 40% of eCommerce purchases are made on a mobile phone

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