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More small businesses are using Padeo's predictive preloading service to get more customers with a faster website.

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Make your website faster for customers in your town.

No matter what your business is, you probably want your potential customers to follow a certain path on your website. Padeo helps ease your customers along that pathway by preloading the most likely next page. Let’s say you’re running a landscaping business, you may want to provide some information on your services and then direct customers to give you a call on the contact page. While your customer is reading about your services, Padeo has already preloaded the contact page for them, so there’s no wait time.

A faster website means more sales and customers for your small business

Only 10% of customers stay after a 2 second delay in webpage load time.

A faster website leaves a great first impression.

Lower loading time not only improves your customer’s experience, but it also conveys a level of professionalism that starts to build a business-client relationship with trust. How do you feel when you’re on a website that loads slowly or doesn't work well? Perhaps you feel a little irritated, or even frustrated. Your website is your customer’s first introduction to you and your business. Just a few instant page loads at critical decision points can be the difference between your customer entering their contact details, or moving on.

Communicate Trust

Provide a better shopping experience

Earn more sales from your existing website

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No matter what CMS you're using, you can start using predictive preloading to make more sales on your website with Padeo.

Make your Small Business website faster using Padeo

Start making more sales and more conversions on your exsting website with Padeo. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

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