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We're currently seeking investment from Seed to Series A capital firms that value privacy and equal access to the web for everyone. If you feel that Padeo would be a good fit for your portfolio, we invite you learn more about our current fundraising round below.

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Longer load times mean visitors spend less time browsing and are less likely to make a purchase.

Webpage load times have a significant impact on user retention, conversion rates, and sales. A Google experiment showed a difference of one second to five seconds in loading made visitors 90% more likely to abandon a site completely. Just a 0.1 second boost in page load times can boost conversion rates by 8%.

Padeo offers an easy, code-free way to make every website faster while protecting user privacy.

Most businesses don't have the technical experience or development bandwidth to explore how preloading and predictive models can boost their online sales and conversions. With Padeo, every business can start using our predictive preloading service with a single click.

Requires zero technical knowledge

Installs in one-click

Works with every website


When potential customers are shopping on a page, Padeo is preloading the images and resources for the next page or product Padeo predicts they'll go to next.


When the visitor arrives at the page, it will load instantly for a better shopping experience. Padeo uses a predictive model to boost conversion rates for online businesses.

The Market

Online retailers, small businesses, and practically every website is wanting to monetize their website and boost their conversions. Delayed page load and increased bounce rates are preventing businesses from successfully converting their website traffic.

Significant ROI for online retailers

Agencies can provide Padeo as an added service to their clients

The Opportunity

Padeo's core predictive model can be used in a variety of ways from performance to marketing and conversion optimization. By focusing on our ability to unobtrusively predict user behavior, we can expand our product offering in years to come.

In addition to reducing page load times, our predictive model can be used to mitigate bounces and intervene when a customer is like to abandon a website.

By being privacy-first, we're able to compete with a larger competitive market of analytics providers while protecting user data.

Padeo is good
for people.

We’re currently exploring how Padeo benefits individuals in regions that have limited access to bandwidth.

Websites that use Padeo provide a high speed browsing experience, regardless of the visitor’s available bandwidth.

Using a predictive model for downloading content makes the web more accessible and equitable for everyone.

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Fundraising Resources

Below are some resources that can provide insights into our business and future. All of these resources are available in the investor packet as well.

Resource Description Link

Executive Summary

June 15, 2021


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June 15, 2021


Introducing Padeo

June 15, 2021

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5-10 Year Product Roadmap

June 15, 2021

Keynote / PDF

Corporate Charter

June 15, 2021