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Make your website faster with predictive preloading.

More static sites are using Padeo's predictive preloading service to make more leads and more sales on their existing website.

  • Works with CDNs and other softwares
  • Can be installed via a tag manager
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Unobtrusive and Lightweight

Padeo works to increase performance and provide near-instant page loads on your website while remaining unobtrusive to your website visitors.

All of Padeo’s complex prediction calculations run on our own servers, meaning they don’t use your website server’s resources and there’s no need to upgrade your web hosting plan or worry about your web server crashing due to Padeo.

Padeo provides a faster experience for your visitors

Compatible with Squarespace's Acceptable Use Policy


While your visitors are viewing this page, Padeo is preloading the images and resources for the page Padeo predicts the visitor will go to next.


When the visitor arrives at the page, it will load instantly for a better browsing experience.

Massive Benefits for Mobile Devices and Throttled Connections

Your website visitor’s connection speed is out of your control. A customer with slow network speed still needs to download all of your website data, and if the loading holdup is due to your customer’s connection, then that visitor will suffer slower load times no matter how fast or optimized your website’s server-side is. This is where Padeo comes in.

When the bottleneck is your visitor’s connection speed, Padeo decreases loading times dramatically by making the most of the slow ‘trickle’ of network traffic that is possible on a slower network connection by predictively preloading the most likely next webpage(s) that will be visited. A near-instant page load for your customers on a slow or spotty connection can be the difference between your website making another conversion (obtaining a lead, making a purchase, etc.) and or the customer abandoning out of frustration.

Helps improve website performance for visitors on mobile devices

Compatible with all mobile devices

No Configuration Necessary

You don’t need to configure anything for Padeo to start working. As time goes on, Padeo will continually improve it’s predictions as it learns how your website visitors interact with your website. As your website is updated, Padeo will take new content like blog posts and new pages into account as predictions are made.

Padeo works automatically

No coding required

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Every business needs a faster website.

No matter what industry you're in, you can start using predictive preloading to make more sales on your website with Padeo.

Make your static website faster using Padeo

Start making more sales and more conversions on your exsting website with Padeo. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

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